3 Interview Practice Tips

May 20, 2016


To make the most of an interview opportunity, you need to feel confident, be able to think fast, and do all this with aplomb and grace that will impress your interviewer enough to offer you the job. You shouldn’t expect yourself to be able to do all this without a little practice. Get ready for your next interview with these practice tips.

1. Kick Your Imagination Into Gear

If your interviewer asks you how you would solve some certain problem, you’d better be able to image the scenario rather quickly. Kick your imagination into high gear with these tricks.

Take an object in the room and consider what other uses it can be put to other than its intended purpose. For example, a comb is used to tame hair, but what else can you use it for? Making designs on cake frosting? Separating strands of ribbon? Get creative, even if the ideas seem silly. This will get your imaginative juices running.

2. Ask a Friend to Fake Interview You

How often in real life do you sit in a chair facing another person who is pelting you with questions? Only in an interview.

Practice this awkward situation by having a friend fake interview you. Sit in opposite chairs and maintain eye contact as they ask you questions about your skill set. Get feedback from them about how well you performed.

3. Videotape Yourself

You may not even be aware of some mannerisms or speaking problems until you videotape yourself doing a pretend interview.

In the privacy of your home, videotape yourself and answer pretend questions. Watch how you hold your head, move your mouth and pay attention to your posture. This is a trick that actors use to get a better performance, and you can use it to have a better interview.

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