5 Job Interview Mistakes That May Cost You the Position

July 9, 2014


The little things can wreck a job interview, even for otherwise qualified candidates. After you’ve researched the company and practiced answering typical interview questins, don’t blow your chances with one of these deadly mistakes.

1. Being late: Your interviewer has many things to do, and waiting on a potential new hire isn’t one of them. Arriving late to an interview suggests that you don’t value others’ time and that punctuality will be an issue if you’re hired. Take a timed dry run the day before to test it out.

2. Dressing unprofessionally: Interviews are formal, even if the office culture isn’t. Traditionally, men wear suits and women wear dresses or pants with a blazer. Stick to classic colors and basic patterns.

3. Badmouthing your boss: Even if your current boss is a jerk, don’t say so during the interview. Your interviewer will assume that you are not a team player or you lack basic professionalism. If asked why you’re seeking a new job, try saying that you’re seeking a growth opportunity or new challenges.

4. Not showing engagement in the position: During an interview, you’ll be given a chance to ask questions. Always ask something, because not doing so suggests that you aren’t interested in the company. If you’re not interested in them, why should they be interested in you?

5. Focusing on the benefits: Of course you want the benefits that come with a full-time job. However, asking about vacation days, sick leave, health care coverage, company perks, office snacks, or salary is a major no-no. If you are a top candidate for the position, rest assured that these will be discussed in due time. Your goal in the interview is to demonstrate your interest in the job and fit with the company culture, not your interest in taking a vacation.

These good habits are easy to cultivate and can be applied in any industry. They won’t guarantee you the job, but they will ensure that you don’t take yourself out of the running by making a major mistake.

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