Job Interview Etiquette

June 12, 2014


Job interviews are like competitions. The successful job candidates are those who distinguish themselves from their peers by demonstrating skill, wit, creativity and likability in the interview. Using proper etiquette is an important part of displaying these characteristics. Using proper etiquette in a job interview shows that you have the people skills it takes to be a valuable employee and a team player. Follow these etiquette tips to help you make a good first impression and land the job you want.

Dress Appropriately

For professional interviews in an office setting, dressing appropriately generally means wearing a suit, whether you’re a man or a woman. Although the job you’re interviewing for may not require you to wear a suit on a day to day basis, dressing up for the interview is your way of showing that you’re taking the interview seriously.


Smile when you greet your interviewer, the receptionist, and everyone else you meet. Your smile shows that you have energy, enthusiasm and interest in the job. In addition, a lack of a smile can indicate a difficult disposition or a sullen personality.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

If your cell phone rings or chimes during the interview, this indicates that your attention is divided and your interests lie elsewhere. It’s a bad sign and tells the interviewer that you’re not the right candidate for the job.

Shake Hands The Right Way

Ask a friend or family member to help you practice your handshake before you go on a job interview. Your handshake should be firm, to show confidence, but not too firm. An overly firm handshake can indicate intensity of personality that can be a turn off for some interviewers.

Show Up On Time

Lateness is the kiss of death for any job interview. It indicates you may be disorganized, are lacking problem solving skills or that you’re a poor planner. If you know in advance that you’ll be running on a tight schedule and that lateness is a possibility, give fair warning to your interviewer. It’s common courtesy, and it’s a sign that you’re a good communicator.

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