Making the Leap from Hobby to Career

August 28, 2014


The loss of a job can get most people reevaluating all of their career choices up to that point. Some people look at the loss of a job as the opportunity to set out on a new adventure, a new career path. Others look at their employment skills with a narrow eye and think they can only accomplish one type of job. While in between jobs it is a good time to take a close look at all of your skills and see which of those skills could be turned into career gold.

Hobby Equals Skill

Most adults enjoy a hobby or two. But what most people don’t want to admit to themselves is that hobbies, in general, require skills. When you are having fun at your hobby you don’t really think of it as being skilled, though, because you are having fun. Evaluate the hobbies that you most enjoy. Make a list of what kind of skills are required for this hobby. What kind of training have you undergone over the years in order to get to the skill level you are with this hobby? Are there other people out there who could use these skills? Would they be willing to pay for it? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may have a job opportunity waiting right outside in your garage that you never even considered.

What Makes Money?

Think back to a time you first started getting involved in a hobby. Did you at any time pay anyone for anything? Did you go to a specialty shop to buy equipment or supplies? This could be a place to look for employment, since you now have a background in the products they sell. Did you take any classes? This could be a chance for you to shine and make money training others how to enjoy this hobby. Have you ever participated in any competitions for your hobby? Likely the organizations that organize the competitions need employees during these or other events. All of these are possible part time or even full time employment opportunities just based on something you already love to do anyway.

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