Over 50 and Looking for Employment? Tips for Success in a Competitive Job Market

May 29, 2014


5 Things That Will Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

1. Transform your "aged" resume into one that is ageless. In other words, remove "red flag" age indicators such as the year you received your degree, how long you were employed and any other item that potentially reveals your true age. Also, if you specialize in a certain industry, use current terms associated with that industry, not terms used 20 years ago. Avoid words like "youthful" "healthy" or "energetic" to describe yourself. Finally, do not list every job you have ever held. Go back only 10 or 15 years and resist the urge to include that supervisor job you once proudly held at a telephone answer service agency!

2. Practicing improving your interview skills. Try recording a pretend interview with a friend and listen to how you speak and how you answer questions posed by the interviewer. Do you sound interested and alert? Are you too emotional or do you sound like a preprogrammed robot? You might even consider going to interviews for jobs that you really don’t want just for the experience of being interviewed.

3. Don’t reject offers of part-time or temporary work because it could lead to a permanent position. Even though part-time employment won’t dramatically improve anyone’s financial condition, it’s better than not working at all. Opportunities exist everywhere when it concerns employment opportunities.

4. Remain open to a potential career change that involves taking a position at a lower salary. Don’t forget you probably once started at an entry level job. Understand that it is never too late to start fresh again in the job market. Take one day at a time and don’t let the stress of looking for a job overwhelm you. You will find one!

5. Stay positive about your situation, take good care of your health by eating right and staying physically active. Most of all–don’t be afraid to apply for a job just because you don’t think you don’t stand a chance against those tech-savvy Millennials. According to most employers annoyed with some Millennial’s work ethics–you do!

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