The Best Jobs for Socially Shy People

August 20, 2014


Social shyness can be mildly obstructive, or it can be crippling. Social anxiety can cause symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, stuttering or fleeing amid a crowd of people. Persons who suffer from social shyness still have to find a way to make ends meet. Therefore, they need to choose job positions that are least likely to trigger their symptoms. The following are three jobs that can work for socially shy people:

Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist has a main duty of entering information into a computer system. Data entry jobs are plentiful. They require minimum contact with co-workers and mostly no contact with customers. A shy person who has a high typing speed and computer aptitude would fit this position well. Data entry is an entry-level position, however. The average salary for the position is slightly over $13 an hour.


Analyst positions can take many forms. An analyst can work in banks, hospitals, hotels, casinos or many other institutions. Analysts normally have offices in the back of a building, and their superiors leave them alone to do their work. Analysts spend most of their time studying trends and tracking numbers. They can earn an average of $63,000 per year for their concentrated studies.


A person who has a severe level of social anxiety may opt to work from home. A freelance writing business has little overhead. A writer only needs a working computer, an Internet connection, and a word processing program. The Internet grows with new websites every day. Therefore, a freelance writer can earn money writing for various websites. A writer can also create novels, screenplays, news reports, scripts, poems and song lyrics for other people. Earning potential is limitless for writers, but it depends on the person’s specialty. A freelance writer could earn $30,000 a year while a novel writer could earn $65,000 a year. Scriptwriters can live lavish lives.

Social anxiety does not have to stop people from making a living. Shy people can still find ways to connect with the world and help people without being physically present.

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