Top C.V. Mistakes to Avoid

October 27, 2014


Save your own time and that of future employers by avoiding these top four C.V. mistakes.

1. Writing a Mini-Novella

Your C.V. should be written in a kind of shorthand. Long, complex sentences should be avoided. This is not a chance to get your Hemingway on, and you don’t want your C.V. to look like a wall of text that employers won’t want to read. Instead, use abbreviated text and bullet points when possible to get your message across fast.

2. Adding Your Selfie

Your C.V. is not a social media wall for you to show off how atractive you are. Adding a picture to your C.V. will actually come off as more obnoxious the better looking you are, because you will virtually be crying out, “Hey, look how handsome I am!” Leave the picture out unless you’re applying for a modeling or acting gig.

3. Being Irrelevant

As much as you may feel your hunting and fishing experience will make you an excellent accountant, facts like this don’t belong on your resume. Save the talk about rods and reels for your face-to-face interview if the employer asks to know a little more about you.

4. Overstating Your Abilities

It’s one thing to embellish a little on your C.V. about how you took charge of a project that required your team to design an aerodynamic aquatic submersible. But to claim that you’re also a seasoned submarine captain is overstating your actual abilities. Don’t claim you can do more than you currently can. If you’re hired and get asked to demonstrate your captain skills, you’ll be in deep water.

Getting your C.V. just right takes skill and focus. At the bare minimum, avoid these top C.V. mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to the perfect paper representation of your abilities.

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