Acing the Meet: Important Tips for a Successful Interview

February 25, 2014


After you’ve worked hard to put together a smart resume that speaks highly of your experience and skills, you could be facing an interview. Of course this is great news, but an interview is much like a first impression and it often holds a lot of weight with the employer who is looking for the perfect candidate. Here are some tips to help you nail your interview:

Know the company — Don’t just go into the interview expecting your education, skills or experience to be the only thing put on trial; learn as much as you can about the company you are interviewing for—specifically the department you are applying for a position in. Going in with an informed understanding of their current goals and mission will show how driven and resourceful you are. It is also a great conversation starter, helps you think up questions to ask and shows that your training and company integration won’t be difficult for them.

Be comfortable — It’s understandable that you might have nerves, but do what you can to remain calm and collected for your interview. Eat a good meal before your interview, avoid coffee or caffeine that might make you jittery, wear professional clothes that are comfortable (no pinching shoes or shirt that shows armpit stains), don’t rush yourself in answering difficult questions and don’t over-clarify your answers.

Ask questions — Have pre-planned questions that show your interest and seriousness about the job. Ask questions like “Will I have education opportunities while working here?” or “Will this position allow me to move up?”

Plan for small talk — Don’t go in thinking only about business and then stall on the intimate details; allow them to get to know small details about yourself and feel more connected when making the hiring decision.

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