Marketing Yourself for a New Position

February 25, 2014


Searching for a job has become a strategic effort where you have to demonstrate what you offer and why you would add value to an organization. With technology at the forefront of everything, making yourself marketable can put you at the top of the line. Here are a few tips:

  • Plan

If you’re in the market for a new position or are looking to switch careers, create a strategy that will get you results. Research the things you like to do and the skills that are needed. Knowing what you need will help you position yourself for the job you desire.

  • Attractive and Tailored Resume

This is very important. The days when a standard, bland resume are gone. Employers are attracted to resumes that are interesting and original. Highlight your skills as they relate to the position, and keep it relevant. Be clear and specific. Your resume should be tailored for each and every position.

  • Website

Having a website that highlights your achievements and showcases samples of your work is a great idea. You can list this on your resume and direct potential employers to your site for references. This shows your computer skills and ingenuity – two traits employers’ value.

  • Network

Network and let people know who you are! Beef up your Linkedin profile and use your connections to endorse your skills and leave recommendations. Utilize social media to seek out and have conversations with others in the field you are seeking employment. You can gain valuable tips and industry experience while getting your name out there.

  • Take a class

Taking a class to enhance your skills will make you very marketable. You will be able to add a new skill to your resume and will have a fresh perspective on the future.

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