Spring Cleaning Your Resume Can Lead to a Job and Career Success

April 3, 2014


Spring is here, and thus is the inclination to clean everything around us. As you spruce up your wardrobe and wipe your house or apartment spotless, there’s something else that could use your eagle eye as well: your resume. Whether you have a job that you’re satisfied with or are still seeking employment, having an updated and active resume can only help.

First, in order to clean up your resume, as suggested above, make sure that it’s current and updated. If you got a promotion, a new title, or took on new challenges at your current job, include these. If you left a position, started a home business, took a class, or made any other career change, you need to mention this as well.

Another spring cleaning tip as mentioned above: make sure to keep your resume active. Describe your daily duties with any position with an action verb that commands attention, such as “commandeered,” “created,” “brainstormed,” and “led.” Cut out the passive voice (“was responsible for”) as much as possible and replace it with the active voice instead.

Next, make sure your resume’s polished. Double-check the spelling of all job titles and workplace locations. Make sure that there’s no typos, spelling inaccuracies, or grammar issues within the body of your resume. Check that the formatting is such so that anybody who views it won’t have issues doing so.

Lastly, you’ll want to trim the fat. Just like you toss out an outfit that you no longer wear as you spring clean your closet, get rid of parts of your resume that no longer matter as much. If you’ve had workplace experience for years and college graduation was years ago, cut back on college achievements. If you’ve changed career paths, focus more on accomplishments related to that career than your old one.

A little bit of spring cleaning can really pull your resume together, making it the impactful and influential document that it’s supposed to be. The above suggestions won’t take long, and you could land a job or a better position due to your efforts.

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