3 Qualities of a Crisis Intake Specialist

June 7, 2021 by localclassifieds-online

Many opportunities are available for you to work as an intake specialist. An intake specialist answers incoming calls for various crises, such as domestic violence, medical emergencies, and the like. The following are a few qualities you'll need to possess to be successful as an intake specialist:


The most prevalent quality you'll need to have to succeed as an intake specialist is compassion. You have to care about the people who are calling you deeply. You must be willing to help them find solutions that will improve their quality of life, as well.


Patience is another quality that an intake specialist must have. You may have to answer many calls throughout your workday. You might have to multitask and deal with multiple customers at the same time, as well. You'll need to have the resilience and ability to handle those calls in a timely fashion without getting frustrated or frazzled.

Thick Skin

Thick skin is something that intake specialists often need. Thick skin is the ability to hear disturbing details without losing concentration or freezing. The people who call your facility will count on you to solve problems and help them find resources and solutions. Therefore, you'll have to have the "skin" to do that without missing a beat. It may not be the job for you if you are highly sensitive or have an ongoing battle with anxiety. However, it's possible to land the job and try to develop the skills during your training period.

You may want to consider applying for a job as an intake specialist if you possess the above-mentioned qualities. You might be a perfect fit for such a job. This position often pays well and will give you a rewarding sense of helping others, as well. 

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