4 Jobs That Offer Free Room and Board

October 12, 2017 by localclassifieds-online

Living expenses like room and board comprise a vast majority of the cost of everyday life. In fact, most people spend the most money on rent and mortgage payments than they do anything else. Second to that comes food and a car payment. But if you desire to save money on these big expenses, you can, with a job that offers free room and board in addition to a salary.

1. Cruise Ship Crew

If you get hired on any cruise ship in the world, you’ll receive free accommodation and free or heavily discounted meals for the duration of your employment, as well as a salary. On some ships, you’ll even get free laundry service! That’s not bad for any job!

2. Property Manager

In your role as a property manager, you would live on site in the apartment building. Your rent and utilities would be free, but you would have to pay for your own meals. In exchange for this cushy position, you would take care of tenants’ needs, including performing some basic maintenance jobs like changing light bulbs, fixing clogged pipes and keeping the property landscape looking well groomed.

3. Armed Forces

When you join any of the armed forces, you’ll be given free room and board as well as free meals. You might be living in a barracks with others, or on a submarine or ship with other crew mates, but all of your utilities and day to day living expenses will be paid for.

4. Au Pair

As a live-in nanny, you’ll be given your own room to stay in while you care for the family’s children. All of your utilities would be paid for, and all or most of your food would be provided by the family, too.

Taking a job where room and board are included gives you the chance to save a bundle of money. This is a great way to build a nest egg for the future!

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