4 New Employment Background Screening Trends

September 13, 2018 by localclassifieds-online

An increasing number of companies are creating formalized background screening processes for their businesses to ensure the best hiring decisions are made. Awareness of these protocols can allow you to prepare for interviews and stand out from the pack.

The following are four of the most significant employment background trends all applicants should be aware of:

Out of the Box Interview Questions

Unique interview questions are still on trend in employment screening, allowing hiring managers to get a sense of an applicant’s personality, motives, creativity and ability to excel under pressure. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked your favorite movie or book, how to solve a current company problem – or how you would describe the color “red” to someone who is blind.

Working with the Staff

Being asked to walk around and meet some of the staff is not uncommon during a job interview. However, an increasing number of employers are also including a work session as part of the screening process. Effectiveness and chemistry within the group are assessed to help employers find the best fit.

Criminal and Financial Screening

For positions that require working with finances or sensitive personal information, credit score will likely be assessed. An increasing number of employers also do criminal background checks to maintain workplace safety and avoid negligent hiring litigation.

Social Media Screening

With social media in widespread use, many employers see it as an opportunity to gain insights into applicants’ personalities and interests. If there is anything on your social media account(s) that could cause a potential employer to put you out of the running, it is advisable to clean up these accounts.

An increasing number of employers are creating more elaborate screening processes to ensure they make the best hiring decisions. Prepare for these four screening areas to ensure you make the best impression possible.

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