Are Hiring Events Good or Bad?

June 3, 2022 by localclassifieds-online

Hiring events are the new craze in the employment realm. They consist of almost fully automatic hiring processes that bridge the gap between applying and onboarding. These occasions were few and far between, but more employers are jumping on the bandwagon and holding such events. Are they good or bad? That depends.

Why Hiring Events Are Good

Hiring events are helpful for employers because they remove a lot of the workload from the managers and personnel staff. Most hiring events don't have interviews, which saves time and expenses at the beginning of the process.

These events can benefit job-seekers who are qualified but aren't the strongest interviewers as well. They can also be pleasant for individuals who enjoy partaking in self-guided processes. Furthermore, they could reduce some instances of discrimination and give people a chance who wouldn't have it otherwise.

How Hiring Events Can Be Bad

The downside of hiring events is that no real selection process exists other than drug testing and background checks. The automated process removes the opportunity for workers to receive an offer based on merit, experience, skills, etc.

Something is satisfying about being chosen for a position because the company felt you were the most suitable candidate. The automated process takes that away from hard workers with experience.

On the other hand, employers might end up hiring people they wouldn't typically hire or re-hire. But the good part is that those people will have an opportunity to show the employer that they are allies and assets, not bad picks.

Should You Attend a Hiring Event?

You should attend a hiring event if you truly desire a certain job or want to work with a specific employer. Don't let the non-selection process bother you. Take what you can get and concern yourself with the selection process if you have to go for a promotion or transfer in the future. It isn't likely that those will be automated.

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