Are You a Business-Minded Person?

January 10, 2022 by localclassifieds-online

You might be a business-minded person if you've clashed with the workforce for many years. Not all people are meant to fit the 9-to-5 mold that most people fit into. That doesn't make them misfits or rebellious souls. Sometimes, it means they're designed for entrepreneurship. These are three signs that you might be better off as an entrepreneur or business owner:

You Want to Set Your Own Schedule

People with entrepreneurial spirits usually prefer to set their own schedules. They're not usually comfortable with making themselves available only when a certain company or corporation needs them. This type of person wants to have the ability to ration his or her time in a way that benefits that person and his or her financial interests. You might be better off as a business owner or entrepreneur if that sounds like you.

You Don't Appreciate Stagnant Pay

Business-minded people usually don't like stagnant pay rates. They like to set challenging goals and then push the potential to the limit. The employer sets the income growth involved in a regular 9-to-5 job while an entrepreneur seeks to set his or her own. You may be more successful as a business owner or entrepreneur if you desire a more flexible income.

You Like Making Customer Relations Decisions

Business-minded people want to use their own judgment to decide how to handle customer relations. Such people may want to foster an overall attitude of respect for everyone instead of "the customer is always right." An employee must make decisions that benefit the employing company, whether they affect the employee's morale negatively or not. A business owner can make a decision that's best for his or her business and mental or emotional health. You might be better suited for entrepreneurship if you want to make your own customer-relations decisions.

The three scenarios above might indicate that you have an entrepreneurial spirit. It might be time to embrace that instead of trying to force yourself into a mold you may no longer fit.

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