Can You Survive in a Negative Workplace?

September 8, 2022 by localclassifieds-online

You are not alone if you're currently trying to swim in a sea of workplace negativity. A survey conducted by Gallop Poll concluded that about 70 percent of workers dislike their jobs because of negative factors. You can try some tactics if you believe that your environment is primarily hostile, and these are three of them:

Affirm Yourself

Self-affirmations are vital when operating in a hostile workplace. No one will ever give you the positive input you can give to yourself. Therefore, you must take steps to combat the negative with even stronger healthy self-affirmations. Step away to the restroom if you need to give yourself a little space. Then think about the negative thoughts the people in your environment want you to accept.

Negate those thoughts by blocking them with words that bring life. Tell yourself you are skilled, talented, successful, strong, and good enough to be a model employee. Repetition is everything, so you should reiterate those words as much as necessary to drown the dark ones out.

Watch Something Positive During Breaks

You'll likely get a few moments during your work shifts where you can get a break or take a few minutes. Try to separate yourself from the other workers and find something uplifting on your mobile device. Some examples of subject matter you can use are motivational speeches, spiritual messages, and happy songs. They might be enough to keep you balanced while trying to go about your day.

Zone in on Your Job

Concentrate on your job despite what's going on around you. It might be easier said than done at first but do it anyway. You'll eventually be able to zone in on your tasks and block out all the commotion.

Try to stick around and use the tactics mentioned above to stay afloat. However, separating yourself from the position is okay if you feel like it's dragging you down. Many positive workplaces are still out there, and maybe one of them has a place for you.

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