Good Summer Jobs for Teens

May 13, 2017 by localclassifieds-online

Summer can be a good time to work and save money for college and/or other expenses and there are plenty of employers who are willing to hire teen applicants who have no prior work experience. Even so, some summer job opportunities are better than others. Following are three particularly good summer jobs for teens to pick from.


Good swimmers should consider applying for a job as a lifeguard. You will likely work either at a beach or public pool and while the responsibilities are high, the pay is also good. Additionally, lifeguard job experience looks good on a resume, as it shows potential employers that you are responsible and have learned good decision-making skills.


If your parents’ friends do not have kids you can babysit and/or tutor, put up job ads or ask local neighborhood parents. Babysitting young children is not always easy, but it often pays well and the hours are flexible.

Tutoring can be part of a babysitting job or a job of its own. However, while babysitting typically involves caring for young children, tutoring involves teaching one or more, older children. Like babysitting, it can pay well; however, it has an added advantage in that it looks good on a resume.

Golf Caddy

Any teen who wants to make a large amount of money in a short amount of time will find working as a golf caddy to be an ideal job arrangement. Some caddies are paid up to $25 an hour to work in a pleasant outdoor atmosphere.

If you want extra spending money, are saving up for college or simply need job experience that will look good on your resume, consider the jobs outlined above. See which opportunities are available in your area and apply for positions you feel are a good match with your skills and schedule.

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