High-Paying Jobs that Do Not Require Four-Year Degrees

October 15, 2020 by localclassifieds-online

Far too often, we’ve been led to believe that a four-year degree is necessary to have successful careers with great earning potential. That is hardly the case. These are a few high-paying jobs that do not require bachelor’s degrees to obtain.

Web Developer

With only a two-year degree, you can begin an exciting and profitable career as a web developer. How profitable can it be? The median salary for this position is $62,500 and with an estimated 50,700 job openings through 2022, there appears to be quite a bit of opportunity in the field.

Casino Manager

You only need a high school diploma for this position which can pay in excess of $65,000 per year. Most casino managers work their way up in the industry with increasing responsibility at every step of the ladder. Incidentally, casino dealers can earn respectable incomes and offer a good launching pad for a casino management track, as you’re working your way up the chain.

Registered Nurse

If you want a job that offers job security and huge earning potential without a four-year degree, consider becoming an RN. Registered nurses earn upwards of $65,000 on average and there is a critical shortage of registered nurses leading to projected job openings of more than one million available positions through 2022. You can begin working as a registered nurse with a two-year degree.

Air-Traffic Controller

If you are equipped with nerves of steel this may be the ideal job for you. It does not require a four-year degree but it does require extensive on-the-job training. The reward for the high stress and intensity of this job is an impressive salary ranging from $61,000 to $170,000 per year.

Any one of these jobs offers the promise of decent pay, more than many jobs requiring four-year degrees offer, without requiring extensive educations.

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