How to Ask For a Job Transfer

February 8, 2019 by localclassifieds-online

Sometimes you want a job transfer because you’re unhappy in your current location. Other times you might want one because you need to relocate your family and you want to stay with the same company. Another reason is that there might be greater opportunities at a different branch of the company. Depending on the reason, here’s how to ask for a job transfer.

Never Criticize

If your reason for the transfer request is because you can’t tolerate your current work environment, avoid coming right out and saying so. Your boss is unlikely to grant the request if you come off like a complainer. The boss may assume you’d be unhappy no matter where you work. Instead, focus on the positive possibilities if your transfer request was granted.

Be Human

If the reason for your transfer request has to do with family, don’t hesitate to explain the situation in detail to your boss. Humanizing your request will make your boss sit up and really listen to what’s going on with you. People do love to be helpful, so your boss will be more likely to want to grant your request based on your family’s needs.

Express Your Company Loyalty

If you’re requesting a transfer because you want to seek out more opportunities with the company, be sure to mention this. Emphasize your company loyalty and state that you want to continue your career with the same company. Explain that in order to do that, you need to transfer to the branch with more opportunities in order to move up in the organization.

Requesting a job transfer is within your rights as an employee. If at all possible, most bosses will seriously consider granting your request when you approach it with the above tips in mind.

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