How to Create Your Own Position in a Company

February 16, 2017 by localclassifieds-online

Sometimes you’re the perfect fit for a job. The title matches your experience and skills and everything works out beautifully.

However, sometimes you look at a company’s website and realize you could write their blog better or code their website to be faster and more efficient. This company isn’t looking for a blogger or web programmer, though.

Are you out of luck? Not necessarily. You can try to create your own position within the company. How? You’re going to have to pitch a really killer cover letter. In it, you must convince the company not only why it’s a good idea to hire you, but why it’s a good idea to hire you for a position that technically doesn’t exist yet.

This is where you call on your own skills and experience. If you want to write the company’s blog, for example, why are you qualified? Which blogs have you written for in the past? If you want to redo the company’s site code, you should have a portfolio of other sites you’ve worked on.

Not only that but companies like numbers. They like sales and positive ROI. You should have some numbers you can show them. If you want to become a blogger, for example, you might prove how your posts lead to more customer conversions and thus sales. If you’re a coder, you might show how your work has attracted more customers, who then buy.

You also have to create a title for yourself. It’s probably a little too soon to start discussing salary in your cover letter, but you should still do your research. Once you know how much money someone with a comparable title makes, you should ask for about as much.

Creating your own title is a huge career milestone. It looks fabulous on your resume because it proves you’re fearless and innovative.

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