How to Identify Toxic Co-workers

July 13, 2020 by localclassifieds-online

Every workplace has them: toxic co-workers. The problem with toxic co-workers is that sometimes you can't really identify them until it is too late. You only really know you're dealing with a toxic co-worker after they drag you into their drama and causing trouble. Identifying toxic co-workers earlier can help you maintain your distance and your sanity. Keep reading to learn how to identify a toxic co-worker.

The Center of Drama

A toxic co-worker will often be at the center of the drama. At the same time they will also often verbalize how much they hate drama. Watch out for these two tell-tale signs. A person who truly hates drama will avoid drama like the plague. Also, look out for someone who is often playing the victim in the middle of the drama. Toxic co-workers often feel they are the victim of situations. 


A toxic co-worker will also take great delight in workplace gossip. These individuals are usually the ones starting the gossip conversation. You might also notice over time that the details concerning certain things they tell are often not accurate. There is a lot of embellishment to make it sound juicier. Keep in mind that if they are gossiping to you about someone, they will just as easily go gossip to someone else about you. 

The Flattery-Insult Master

Toxic co-workers will also often use the "flattery-insult." The flattery insult is a manipulative device used by toxic people to draw some people in while alienating others. A flattery-insult will often come in the form of a backhanded compliment. The person compliments something about you while insulting something else. The flattery-insult can also come in the form of publicly flattering people and then behind their backs saying the exact opposite. This technique is used to keep others confused and ultimately wanting the toxic person's approval. 

Identifying a toxic co-worker early on will help you stay out of their path and maintain your own mental health. 

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