How to Survive a Company Merger

June 11, 2018 by localclassifieds-online

Company mergers can be an exciting but confusing time. After all, you’re still an employee of the company you’ve always worked for, but now you might be working under different management, too. It’s almost like getting a new job without leaving the one you’re at.

Mergers are a common and unavoidable part of being associated with a company for many years. If your company has recently announced a merger, things are going to be chaotic for a while. Here’s how to survive this big change.

  1. Find out Who You’re Working For

Management may switch during a merger, so your current boss may no longer be. If you are going to be working under someone else, find out who it is as early as you can.

  1. Stay Abreast of New Rules and Policies

Vacation policies, sick leave, working hours, dress code, lunch breaks, and more may change during a merger. Be on top of these new policies so you don’t accidentally break any of them.

  1. Make Sure You’re Still Getting a Paycheck

During a frantic company merger, some things get overlooked. Your paycheck should not be one of them. Check that you’re getting paid as often as you should be, and if not, go to your human resources professional.

  1. Be Helpful Where and When Possible

If your boss needs more help, whether that’s someone to help move in new staff, train them, or even take on a few bonus projects, you can volunteer. Of course, make sure you have the availability to do so before you take on this extra work.

  1. Continue to Do Your Job

If you still have the same job title, then you should continue to work virtually unaffected by the merger. There’s probably going to be a lot going on in the office for a few weeks or months, but try not to get too swept up by it all. Maintain productivity and do your best work, like always.

Yes, company mergers can be a difficult time for all involved. With the above tips and skills, you can navigate what’s ahead with aplomb.

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