How to Use the Open Door Policy

August 12, 2019 by localclassifieds-online

The open-door policy is something that every employer is supposed to offer its employees. It's a policy that lets employees know that they can come to them and discuss a variety of topics without judgment, retaliation, or reprimand.

You can use the open-door policy to talk about promotion or raise expectations, job harassment, or suggestions on how you can all work together to create a better work environment. The following are the three steps for conducting an open-door-policy meeting.

Request It From a Supervisor

The first thing you have to do is let your employer know that you would like to use your "open door.” You're entitled to at least one such meeting during your employment.

Pick a Time When You Can Come to Work

Next, you have to choose a time when you and the employer are free to have a discussion. If you're off that day, you'll have to come into the office and clock in. Time spent for open-door discussions is paid time. If you talk for a half-hour, your employer has to pay you for a half-hour of work.

Discuss Your Matter Honesty

Talk about your issue at a time when it's convenient for you and your supervisor. Be open and honest about it because it's your time to do so. Once your employer is aware of the issue, he or she can then take steps to resolve it. You may come out of the meeting in a better position than you ever thought you would be.

Remember, your employer and your coworkers cannot retaliate against you or cause you any harm for having an open-door discussion. Therefore, you shouldn't feel the need to hold back. You can go to your employer about anything, and you can feel secure that they will act in your best interest.

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