Resumes for Work at Home Positions

May 14, 2020 by localclassifieds-online

Not everyone thrives in work at home environments. Some find there is too much independence while others find the lack of socialization to be a distraction from actual work.

Plus, there is a certain amount of discipline and self-motivation required to be successful in an isolated environment like working from home. Creating resumes that reflect the qualities that make you better suited for working from home can help you land the work at home positions you desire. These are things to include in your resume if you want to land a work at home position.

Show You Can Work Independently

This is particularly beneficial if you can display expertise or previous experience working from home successfully. Employers want to know they’re hiring someone that doesn’t simply hope they can work from home, but someone who presents evidence of success in doing so.

Display Examples of Self-Discipline

It requires large amounts of self-discipline to work at home successfully. There are so many distractions when you work at home. Plus, you’re out of sight of your managers and bosses. This makes many of them uneasy and creates concern that you will be less productive in a home-working environment. Your resume needs to show them why this is not the case.

Let them Know You Have the Tools Necessary to Succeed

While you don’t want to include a list of office equipment and productivity tools you have available, you can list the tools you have experience working with in the past. This lets them know that you take your role and your productivity seriously and have experience using many of the same tools they require.

Creating the perfect work at home resume is part science, part art – and it won’t guarantee you get the job. It will, however, increase your odds.

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