Sexual Harassment Red Flags During a Job Search

August 13, 2018 by localclassifieds-online

The time during a job search can be a very challenging for anyone. For many individuals, feelings of desperation and even depression can creep in while looking for a new job. These types of feelings can make individuals especially vulnerable. Here are a few red flags you can be on the look out for to make sure you do not become a victim of sexual harassment during a job search.

Inappropriate Interview Locations

Interviews should be conducted in a professional setting. It is important to note that if you do not feel comfortable with the setting or parameters of an interview, you can withdraw yourself from the situation. No job is worth endangering your own sense of well being. You should also feel comfortable with whom the interview is being conducted. If for any reason you get a bad feelings concerning the individual interviewing you, remove yourself from the situation.

Inappropriate Questioning During an Interview

Another red flag would be inappropriate questions being asked. If you feel that the questioning has taken an intrusive turn, or a turn off topic, use directness to reaffirm the intent of the interview. If you are still uncomfortable with the line of questioning remove yourself from the interview.

A Disregard for Qualifications

If your resume and qualifications are being blatantly disregarded, or you feel the individual conducting the interview is more interested in personal information than they are in your skills, education and qualifications, you could be headed into an unprofessional situation. The entire interview process should be focused on you as a potential employee and nothing else.

Obvious Inappropriate Language or Touching

In some cases a sexual harassment situation will be very obvious. Many predators choose to victimize people when they are at their most vulnerable. An unemployed individual in great need of a job might feel scared to stop sexual harassment for fear of losing a job opportunity.

Remember, no job or position is worth your sense of well being and self respect. Remove yourself from such a situation immediately and report it to appropriate people.

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