Tailoring Your Resume for the Job You Want

May 9, 2019 by localclassifieds-online

One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing resumes is that it simply rehashes or restates the things they’ve done in previous jobs. If you want your resume to really stand out with recruiters and agencies, discuss the way your past experiences have prepared you for the future you want rather than simply retelling where you’ve already been.

Stating Your Skills

It is important to state your skills. There’s no doubt about that. You also want to make mention of your accomplishments. So, yes, your resume must include details about where you’ve been and what you’ve done. But that needs to be only a small portion of your resume. The bulk of your resume needs to focus on something else entirely. Where you’re going and who you are.

Reveal Your Life Experiences

Tell employers who you are and how the world has shaped you into a person who has a lot to offer their organizations. Use adversities you’ve overcome, experiences you’ve had, and show them how you’re a richer person with a different way of viewing the world as a result. Tell them how you can think outside the box and why that’s of value to them. Show them the strength of your character so they can determine whether your character is a good match with their company culture.

Finally, your resume is your own opportunity to show potential employers that you are more than the sum of skills listed on your resume. While everyone is focusing on fitting the right keywords into the picture and creating a resume that attracts bots, there are still businesses that actually go through and read the resumes you send. Make sure, that when they do, yours is one that stands out from the crowd.

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