This is the Most Important Interview Skill You Need

November 12, 2019 by localclassifieds-online

Do interviews freak you out? You are not alone. Most people find the interview to be the most stressful part of a job search. You are so close to your goal, but you know the chance of blowing it is still very real. You will get lots of advice on how to master the job interview, but there is really only one skill you need to master. 

Why People Freak Out

Before we get to the most important interview skill you need to master, let's talk about why people freak out in the first place during an interview. Why don't we freak out about writing our resume, or putting in applications? The reason is simple. During those steps of the job search, we are invisible. We are not looking right at the person who is judging us. Once the interview arrives we ourselves, our entire self, is on trial. Do we look right? Do we sound right? Do we know the right answers? Being judged is not a comfortable feeling. 

The Most Important Interview Skill

It is important to know how to present yourself professionally during an interview. It is also important to be articulate. We know that being on time is vital as well. But the single most important interview skill you need to know is how to keep the right mental mindset. Your mindset is the key to your success. A negative mindset will be the first thing an interviewer notices about you during an interview. Hiding a negative mindset is almost impossible. It shades your body language and everything you say with your mouth. 

In the same light, a positive mindset can outshine may inadequacies you might legitimately have. Someone with a great mindset will often find themselves getting better opportunities just because people want to be around that attitude. 

If you want to nail your next job interview, work on your attitude. If your attitude is right, everything will fall into place. 

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