Using Job Fairs Effectively

April 14, 2017 by localclassifieds-online

Jobs fairs are an important tool that you can use to help you find your next great job. Job or career fairs are organized events in which many companies will converge at once to screen many potential candidates at once. This is a very efficient way for job seekers and employers to find each other in a short amount of time. However, job fairs can also seem very overwhelming if you do not know how to use them effectively. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you are using the job fair event to your best advantage.

Pre-register for the Event

Pre-registration often gives you the chance to put your resume in front of potential employers before the job fair even begins. This does not mean you will definitely be interviewed or even remembered, but it is an easy step you can take to give yourself a potential advantage. If the job fair you want to attend does offer pre-registration take advantage of this benefit.

Research Before You Go

In order to get a jump on the competition who will be attending the fair with you, you should research the companies that will be in attendance. Many people attend job fairs as a “sightseer.” They have no real intention of interviewing with prospective employers. This is simply a huge waste of time. Before attending the job fair you should research the different companies that will be represented. This way if a certain company or a certain few companies stand out to you, you can prepare yourself to speak with them specifically.

Take Many Copies of Your Resume

Your resume will be your golden ticket at a job fair, so you should have plenty of copies of it ready to give when asked for. If you speak with a potential employer and they ask for your resume that is usually a good sign that you have made an impression and they want to learn more about you.

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