What Is a Virtual Career Fair?

September 11, 2019 by localclassifieds-online

Do you ever wish you could do all the networking you needed from the comfort of home? Do you hate the awkward small talk and handshaking at traditional career fairs? You are in luck. Today, more and more organizations are launching virtual career fairs. These events bring the best of both worlds to your job search.

How Does a Virtual Career Fair Work?

A virtual career fair or an online career fair, works very similar to a traditional career fair. Several employers gather in one spot offering job opportunities to the community. Job seekers can learn about available opportunities, submit applications and resumes, and make important contacts. The biggest differences is that the spot is a designated website for the events, and all of the meeting, greeting and applications submission is done online. Oh, and no handshaking at all.

What Are The Benefits of a Virtual Career Fair?

Virtual Career fairs can really expand your job search scope. If you have been attending local job fairs then you are limited to the participants in that area. A virtual job fair allows you access to people in other cities, states or even countries. Many virtual career fairs center around remote jobs. If you are looking for work from home opportunities, this type of event might be just right for you.

What Should I Know Before Attending?

You should get the details on beginning and ending times. Double check the time zones as well to make sure you do not miss the event. Preview the employers that will be involved in the event and do your research on the ones that seem like potential job leads. If you do not do your research ahead of time then you will likely waste time trying to figure out with whom you should connect. You should also have your resume file ready for submission. This will also help conserve time.

Attending a virtual career fair can expand your job search options and help you make important contacts. If you have never attending a virtual career fair, consider adding this important job search option to your efforts today.

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