What to Do When a Job Search Drought Hits

November 8, 2021 by localclassifieds-online

There may be a time in your employment journey when you hit a complete job search drought. You may have over a decade of experience and an excellent reputation with most previous employers, and it can still happen. Don't be discouraged about that, as it can happen to anyone. Consider trying these strategies to see if they help:

Create a New Resume

Your resume could be a problem if you're not getting many calls for interviews. Therefore, you might want to consider tweaking it a little or having a professional create a new one for you. You might be surprised when you see how effective a few changes can be.

Search for Different Job Types

Maybe it isn't your resume, but it's the type of job you're applying for. You could have too much experience for the level you're aiming for, and you might need to set your sights higher. Maybe you're in an industry that isn't quite for you. Alternatively, your drought could also be happening because of something intangible that a prospective employer may not disclose. You can only continue your search until you land on someone willing to accept the intangibles.

Consider Self-Employment

You can always consider self-employment if your drought lasts longer than three solid months. The issue may indicate a new season in your life where you need to exit your comfort zone and face the fear of uncertainty. Think of a talent you have and all the resources you need to succeed as a business person who utilizes that talent for income. You could get assistance with your startup if you can create a solid business plan and convince a financial entity to back you up.

Don't give up your job search without putting effort into it and being patient about it. Times are stressful right now, but the rough patch will end eventually.

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